Madison, WI Landscape Services. Residential, and Commercial.

Flower Installation and Maintenance

FlowersMaple Leaf offers a annual flower planting service for residential and commercial properties. This service is offered as a I time per season service or a quarterly rotation service for spring, summer, fall and winter. You can be assured our experts will recommend the proper flower for the proper season and can arrange any number of flower combinations to make your landscape bed pop. We only use top quality plants and arrange them to give you the look you want. In Wisconsin our seasons and temperatures vary. This is why we have to offer 4 seasons of landscape bed and flower pot decor.

  • Spring planting consists of bulbs planted in the prior fall
  • Early summer plantings consist of annual flower planted and bulbs perennials cut.
  • Late summer planting consist of fall annuals, fall decor and removal of summer annuals.
  • Winter consists of removal of annuals and installing Red twig dogwood pruning's, conifer clippings and other holiday decor.