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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting by Maple LeafCommon reasons why people choose professional landscape lighting by Maple Leaf:

  • Beautification
  • Usability
  • Safe Passage
  • Security

By day, the architecture of your home and surrounding landscape can be admired and enjoyed by all. At night, however, your home and landscape fade into the darkness. To make sure your property is properly illuminated and becomes the envy of the neighborhood, a Maple Leaf professional will ask you a lot of questions. Your answers make it easier to understand why you want landscape lighting, and how you intend to use your exterior property after the lighting has been installed.

You have made a substantial investment in your home and landscaping. Effectively communicating your wants and desires about the outdoor lighting you would like Maple Leaf to accomplish will elevate the value of this investment as well as enhance your pride of ownership.

After asking questions and listening to your answers, your Maple Leaf professional will put together a landscape lighting design for your property. The following are different types of lighting techniques that may factor into your design:

Maple Leaf Water LightingUp Lighting Cross Lighting Down Lighting
Path Lighting Safety Lighting Back Lighting
Silhouette Lighting Shadowing Wall Washing
Grazing Mirror Lighting Highlight or Focal Point
Underwater Lighting

To create these techniques, Maple Leaf professionals turn to Vista for fixtures, transformers and accessories. Not only are Vista products of the highest quality and manufactured in the United States, the fixture designs are expertly crafted to lend an air of style and subtle sophistication. Gracing landscapes around the world, Vista is the professional standard for elegance, reliability and lasting satisfaction.

Maple Leaf professionals know what questions to ask, they are adept at listening and more than qualified to respond with a design that incorporates everything you said you wanted your landscape lighting to accomplish.

Maple Leaf professionals understand exactly what fixtures, lamps and transformers to specify, exclusively low-voltage or in combination with line voltage products. Maple Leaf professionals are creative, visionary and installation experts. Maple Leaf professionals are adaptable and will build expandability into the original design, knowing you will want to modify or expand your landscape lighting in the years to come.

Above all else, your Maple Leaf professional is with you every step of the way, doing whatever needs to be done to earn your trust.

Maple Leaf Landscape Lighting