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Ponds and Other Water Features

WaterfallWe at Maple Leaf have been designing and installing ponds and water features for more than 10 years. Our ponds, streams and waterfalls are created to look natural so we can bring the beauties of Gods creations right to you without ever leaving your home. To create these natural masterpieces we spend many hours tweaking boulders to get the correct water flow to enhance the sound and beauty of our creation.

A well designed pond is a relaxing get away. The coolness of the water, the quiet burbling sound and graceful movement of fish beneath the lilies help ease the stresses from our everyday lives. Ponds and waterfalls also replace the sounds of the city and traffic with the calming sound of water flowing over rocks.

Adding a pond or water feature to your outdoor living space can create not only a beautiful place in your landscape but will help you find tranquility and relaxation.!!

Koi Pond


  • Pond design and installation
  • Waterfall and creek beds
  • Pond-less waterfall installation
  • Pond maintenance
  • Pond plants and fish
  • Natural wildlife habitat
  • Pond lighting (see Lighting)