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Lawn De-thatching

What exactly is “thatch”? It is the layer of debris made up mostly of dead grass clippings that accumulate above the soil and below the blades of grass. Excessive thatch most often happens when it is fertilized too often, the grass clippings are too long or there are not enough of the micro-organisms that can digest the thatch present. When the thatch layer is too deep, the lawn will begin to thin. Lawns with heavy thatch tend to have a shallower root system, making the grass harder to maintain. Thatch can keep water, air and essential nutrients from getting to the roots. And if that isn't enough, lawns with excessive thatch are also more likely to have problems with diseases. **Maple Leaf Inc. recommends having your lawn de-thatched in early spring to help promote new seedling growth through-out the summer season.**

Why is too much Thatch bad?

  • Prevents water and nutrients from reaching the plant roots.
  • Absorbs pesticide/fungicide, preventing them from doing their job.
  • Reduces space available for new grass. When crowded by thatch, new grass tends to grow rapidly as they seek light and space.
  • Grass root systems can grow into the thatch rather than into the soil.
  • Harbors diseases such as leaf spot, summer patch, and dollar spot.

What are the Indications that your lawn needs De-thatching?

  • Lawn feels spongy under your foot when you walk on your lawn
  • Greater than average incidence of disease and Insect problems.
  • Grass dries out and dies during hot, dry weather.





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