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Lawn Mowing/String Trimming & Edging

A beautiful lawn can make your home stand outHaving your lawn mowed weekly is the best solution to your lawn to avoid problems (diseases) and keep your lawn and property looking in top-notch condition. Our maintenance division is focused on protecting your investment from the ravages of time, weather, and pests. Our scheduled maintenance programs keep your property in top condition while freeing up your time for more relaxation and fun. Our hard-working professionals take pride in your lawn as if it was one of our own.

At Maple Leaf Inc, we also offer power edging which is the process in which the over grown grass and weeds that invade your hard surface areas, like sidewalks, curbs and driveways, is edged (cut) and after completion of this process, it gives your property a clean, sharp appearance.

As technology changes, we believe in updating our equipment to provide the highest quality of service. Most of our mowers are the walk-behind units, operated by hydraulics and equipped with pneumatic tires. These features reduce ground compaction; helps with turning, and limits weight damage. We also sharpen our blades and check tire pressure DAILY: This gives your lawn a clean, fresh cut and reduces the chance for diseases to enter your turf and limits the damage caused by turning the mowers.
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